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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

November 21, 2018

Black Friday Cyber Monday

Words by Tavie Maier


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us once again. Originating in the US, Black Friday follows Thanksgiving and leads into Cyber Monday- a global weekend of frantic and excessive consumption. This year, consumers are estimated to spend an average of  $1007.24 in one day - most likely on products they don’t even need.


Black Friday is the day we trample people for things we don’t need, the day after being thankful for what we have. - The Minimalists


If you’re opting to use the weekend as a chance to shop for Christmas gifts and want to do it ethically, we recommend taking a step back and asking yourself - do I really need to buy this? Where and how was this made? What impact will this purchase have on other people and/or the planet?

There’s space to turn this weekend around, it doesn’t have to be all about buying unnecessary things, falling straight into a destructive retail marketing trap. Check out what  EcoCult Bustle.  Eluxe Magazine,  Good On You,  The Minimalists and  Eco Warrior Princess have to say. If ethical clothing is on your Christmas list, Melbourne based online retailer  eco.mono will be donating $2 from every sale to  Fashion Revolution between November 28 & December 16.

From us at team Dorsu - we encourage you to be mindful about your choices, choose well and buy better.

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