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A conversation about mindful consumption

November 06, 2019

A conversation about mindful consumption

Photography by Pip Cree, words by Cindy Charles


As November begins many consumers prepare for seasonal sales with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas spending accounting for almost 15% of all online transactions for the year. 

A tradition once only applicable to the US, 2018 saw Australians embracing the trend of the week-long spending madness. A discount can be tempting and even beneficial to those shopping for necessities however, more often than not it’s just about getting the best deal regardless of the need.

Despite the rise in popularity for holiday deals, there is a growing awareness of how our choices as consumers affect our planet and its people, consumers want to know more, we want accountability. We are seeing an increasing demand for sustainable choices, transparency and buying second-hand. 

So, How does a brand sell a t-shirt while encouraging the world to be mindful of overconsumption? The answer is by using the t-shirt to encourage you to start a conversation and to spread the word on buying better. We know that inspiring slogans aren’t always what they seem, here is an opportunity to wear your values. 

With Greta Thunberg this year showing us the power of one human being, we have seen that the action starts with you and then with family and friends. Don’t be dismayed by the inevitable implosion of the world, starting conversations and sharing what you know along with small mindful choices is where things begin to change.  

Some suggestions on ways you can consume better this holiday season:

  • Drastically reduce the amount you buy. Does your aunt’s second cousin really need a gift?
  • Ask yourself whether what you are purchasing is a necessity, is it useful, practical and long-lasting?
  • Create something or repurpose items. 
  • Do your research, know the story behind what you are buying. 
  • Support small businesses, artisans and companies that are striving for a better way. 

If you intend to give gifts this year, please consider buying ethically, set an example, start a conversation and allow your family member to know the story behind their gift.  For an affordable gift that has been made fairly, you can find our Graphic T-shirts here


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