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By People, for People - The Impact of COVID-19

March 27, 2020

By People, for People - The Impact of COVID-19

Photography by Tim Ha, words by Hanna Guy

The fundamental values of our brand have always been to make high-quality clothing that transitions seasons, rejecting the conventional approach of holding drastic sales. We've always found it unsettling to risk undervaluing our garments or encouraging people to unnecessarily buy into "flash sale" marketing.

That's all well and good while things are running well.

The impact of COVID-19 began to affect Dorsu in late February. We saw an almost overnight drop in retail sales in Cambodia, tourism was rapidly changing at the peak of our high season, and we knew we needed to act fast. The broader impact became apparent after seeing cancelled events, business closures and work-from-home policies beginning to affect our wholesale customers, spinning their operations out of control as fast as ours.

Our first action was to close our in-country retail stores, a heart-breaking task for any business owner, but a decision that we knew was right. Our immediate strategy is to scale-back and create a foundation that is as strong and resilient as possible for our team and also for our company.

Our production studio is closed to the public and we're holding an extensive online sale, many items are 50% off.

We've done our best to see the circumstances as an opportunity to retreat and focus deeply on our well-being. We’ll keep our community updated, as our new story unfolds, here on our journal and via Instagram.



We closed our Phnom Penh retail store surrounded by our incredible community. Friends arrived wearing treasured items from previous releases, celebrating our story with kind words and patiently waiting in line to purchase new clothes. Local business owners, artists, teachers, development workers, travellers, accountants, parents and more - everyone shared the same desire to support us, our team and our brand.


Covid 19- Ethical Shopping

Covid-19 Dorsu Store


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