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Face Masks - Keeping Our Engine Running

April 14, 2020


Photography by Dorsu, words by Hanna Guy


In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies across the world are re-tooling, pivoting, and responding. Whatever terminology you wish to apply, there are teams of all sizes meeting, literally as we speak, to look at what product or service they offer, if it’s needed and how to adapt. We’ve found it inspiring to see  companies heed the call  and where possible, supply the global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our story of moving into personal preventative face masks is one in a series of decisions to keep our production wheels turning and keep our team employed.

We didn’t have an immediate capacity to make regulated PPE and know that our place in ensuring that PPE goes to the right place (medical workers) is to create alternatives to be used where viable. Our masks are not medical grade in any way.

As the story unfolds and we begin to see  advice to wear masks  while leaving the house (briefly) we’ve designed, tested and released fabric face masks that are reusable, washable, fit like a glove and above all - ensure comfort. After testing multiple options we’ve added two vital elements; flexible nose pieces and straps that connect around the back of the head, avoiding ear pain for people not yet used to wearing masks.

We’ve always been about providing  safe and fair employment  in the garment industry. We’re prioritising our team and doing our best to provide job security and support to them and their families. As with all purchases with Dorsu, you get to know  who made your clothes  - and masks!

Sold in packs  and delivered in a drawstring bag, wear one and pack one when heading out to exercise, buy groceries or access essential services. Please be mindful to read the product specifications and care instructions carefully. 

Wholesale pricing and customised collaborations are available, please  reach out.

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