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Everyday Advocate: Elisha Watson from Nisa

August 08, 2018

Everyday Advocate: Elisha Watson from Nisa

Photography by Virginia Woods-Jack, words by Hanna Guy


Our Everyday Advocates series showcases individuals that inspire us. I am a believer in the adage, you are the average of the company you keep, and have found incredible value in spending time with the people we’re working alongside in the sustainable and ethical fashion space.

“Nisa is an underwear label that aims to help refugee women from the bottom up” 

Nisa creates employment opportunities for women coming from a refugee background. Their production studio provides space for people to not only work in a safe environment, but, to develop their language skills, make friends, learn how to engage in their new life in New Zealand and have fun!


I was initially introduced to Elisha through one of our greatest Dorsu brand champions, Jonathan, from tech giant, Atlassian. Jonathan advocates and lives a passion for social enterprise. He saw similarities in our approach to business, our struggles and our wins and knew that we would get along. He was right. 

While working as a lawyer in Wellington, Elisha was volunteering with the Red Cross to help refugees resettle in the city. She discovered that people shared her love for sewing and had great desire to contribute to their new country, but, struggled to find paid employment, preventing them from starting up a new life in New Zealand. 

I’ve developed a great friendship with Elisha and appreciate her understanding of the complexity of running a clothing company that produces in-house. I walk away from our catch ups with a little extra energy and a lot of inspiration. Neither of us started with experience in fashion or manufacturing, so perhaps the one thing we have in common is that we’re … slightly nuts?
In all seriousness, it is wonderful to spend time with someone who also strives to run a business that values the makers of our clothing and their skills, and shows customers that clothing can be made in a way that ensures people are treated with respect.

Deciding to collaborate was easy! We knew our community would be excited by the opportunity to win an ethical outfit and enjoy learning of the similar stories behind our brands.

Nisa’s underwear is gorgeous, GOTS certified and made fairly. Paired with our garments, your full outfit can reflect your values.

You can get your own pair of Nisa at www.nisa.co.nz




Photography by Shannon Wray

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