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Find Your Way to Buying Better

December 01, 2016

Buying Better_ethical_shopping

Photo by Rita McNeill


Buying better is about asking questions, getting informed and buying what you believe is better for you, the makers and the environment.

Buying better can mean something different to everybody and it is important to find what suits you best so that you can have the greatest impact possible. We have gathered a small list of actions and avenues to inspire or grow your efforts to buy better.


Get informed

Being a conscious consumer means making informed decisions. Get informed by asking questions directly to your favourite brands and finding out where and how they produce their clothing. Spending some time online will provide you with an abundance of websites and blogs with collated information about different brands and their practices. Be sure to stay open to new information, compare your findings and bring these discussions to the dinner table.

Follow websites and blogs

Following a handful of different blogs and websites that focus on ethical and sustainable fashion will save you lots of time, and give you a constant flow of useful information. We have read some great stories, found some our favourite brands and even made a few new friends from following some great blogs. We recommend using a platform such as Bloglovin’ to collate your hand-picked blogs into one easy to read newsfeed. If you are unsure where to start with finding your new favourite blogs, head over to Ethical Writer’s Co to browse the wonderfully curated group of ethical journalists, writers and bloggers from all over the world, and click through to their individual blogs and the blogs that they write for.

Don’t fall for greenwashing

Fancy, ethical words are thrown around all the time. But how often do they mean something? A brand says they produce locally, but do they say what percentage of their product is actually produced locally?  Remember to read between the lines and keep asking those questions.

Support independent and small producers

Support new designers, buy one-off, locally made or artisanal products. Browse Etsy for unique items, head to local markets or buy from independent local designers. When you buy from the person who has made it, you can see the direct impact your purchase has and most often can see the direct impact the production of the product has. Why not celebrate a craft or skill that is distinct to an individual or community?  

Go second-hand or vintage

Buying and wearing second hand doesn’t always mean hitting your local thrift shop and buying musty old clothes from the 80’s. Search around for stores that have curated selections of funky second hand clothing, shop at markets or swap clothes with your family and friends. Attend clothes swap events where you can swap out your wardrobe for somebody else’s pre-loved goodies.


Buy from brands that offer lifetime guarantees or repair services like Patagonia, find a local tailor or friend to have on call or buy things you are confident will stand the test of time. If you start with a good quality product, it will not only last a long time, but it will be strong enough to be repaired if it needs. Why replace your favourite item if you can fix it?  

Ditch the trends

When it comes to shopping, shop with a trend-less attitude. Buy things that will fit into your existing wardrobe and carry you through the seasons. Buy classic styles that will never go out of fashion and are made to last. Tie all of the above tips together and you will have a very well curated and unique wardrobe that stays well away from seasonal trends.

See our blog post with some useful tips on buying better this Christmas.

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