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From the Floor Series: Design

December 06, 2017

From the Floor Series: Design

Photography by Rita McNeill, words by Ellen Tirant

Our From the Floor Series provides insight into what we do at Dorsu, how and why. Following a brand is one thing, knowing how that brand’s product is made, by who and under what conditions is different.

Dorsu’s unique approach to housing design and production all under one roof allows us to design, sample, test, adjust, and produce garments with full control over quality and manufacturing conditions before bringing our clothing out into the world. 



Our approach to design is collaborative- our team works to gather customer feedback and look to best sellers to make sure we are designing directly to our customer needs. We have a loyal community of returning customers which allows us to listen to people’s concerns on fit, shape, variety and more, bringing this all to the table when we are building a new collection. 

We don’t design to trends- we create timeless, core pieces that easily slide into your wardrobe, becoming a base layer or your new favourite key piece. Our products are designed to be worn every day and loved for years.

Every item we produce aims to meet our
3 core design values:

  • Ease of wear
  • Longevity of quality 
  • Intelligent use of resources

Pattern Making 

Our patterns are created in-house following the traditional method of paper pattern cutting to transform designs into complete, graded patterns. 



Capsule Wardrobes, packed full of versatile cotton basics are our thing. Each year, we release collections with carefully selected new, fun and exciting designs in limited edition colours that we source from our remnant fabric suppliers. These items have a little extra colour and detail to diversify your wardrobe.

Sitting alongside this, we have our Core Collection, a collection of most loved, best selling items in everyday base colours. These items are available all year, at a consistent price so you can always rely on us for your favourite basics.




Our From the Floor Series features: Design | Fabric | Production | Team

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