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The next generation of changemakers

April 04, 2019

The next generation of changemakers

Artwork by Justin Chong for Humiform, words by Ellen Tirant.


Humiform is a movement, a vessel and a conversation starter. Inspired by the Australian School Strike for Climate in November 2018 and the kids'cleverly worded posters, Humiform was created to bring voice to kids and the issues that affect their futures.

Utilising art and design to amplify and unite the voices of young people, the Humiform concept aims to spread awareness, ignite dialogue and place pressure where it's needed.

"The clothes we wear can say volumes about who we are and what is important to us. They can be a conversation starter or speak out about the issues we care about without us having to utter a single world"- Humiform

Headed by ethical fashion activist Megan O'Malley (best known for her extreme athleticism walking across South East Asia with Walk Sew Good), a recent crowd sourcing campaign encouraged kids to submit a design, and if chosen, printed on a limited edition t-shirt.

The campaign reached mega-heights, with an abundance of incredible artwork applications from inspiring, talented and driven kids from across Australia. Each artwork was accompanied by a related issue in which the applicant wished to highlight and work towards improving, as well as a chosen organisation, group or charity in which a percentage of profits will be donated to. 

From 15 shortlisted designs, 3 final artworks have been chosen by the general public, and are now available for pre-order (until April 5 only). Produced ethically (by us) in our Kampot studio, these tees are a statement, a movement and an aspiration. If kids like those who entered this competition are our future leaders, then we are feeling alright about the world today. Excited, even! 

Faye, designer of 'Seas' is passionate about climate change, with her artwork reflecting that as the seas rise, so will the global community to collective work towards reducing our negative impact on the environment. 

"I care very deeply about the issue of climate change on our world because I know that we have to take action now before it's too late. There are simple solutions that if we all did could really make a change, which makes the fact of ignorance even more heartbreaking. "- Faye, 17

Read more about each of the designs here, and learn about where your money goes from each purchase.

See the Humiform designs and shop their tees here.


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