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Introducing our new collection: Purpose

April 06, 2018

ethical wardrobe essentials

Photography by Rita McNeill, words by Ellen Tirant



  1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

  2. a person's sense of resolve or determination.


We’re excited to introduce our new collection of wardrobe essentials that are anything but basic.

It’s not just data analysts and op-eds discussing the societal shift towards mindfulness of our lifestyles and clothing; we’ve had these chats with our Dorsu Crew for years. Our values define our company, and our values are deeply rooted in an intention to be better -- to challenge the garment industry’s status quo and create an environment where our customers and crew are heard, feel involved and are inspired to charge forward with determination, and with purpose.


A collection designed specifically for our Dorsu people with a focus on design and construction detail. All garments are intentionally crafted as versatile pieces that are more than just basics -- they are seasonless, reliable and affordable additions to balance out a considered, cared for, ethical wardrobe.



This cohesive collection is designed for all climates to carry through the seasons by layering and accessorising and then stripping back for sophisticated simplicity. We are proud and excited to release our Purpose Collection, which combines our appreciation for design and detail, with our mission to produce high-quality, easy-to-wear, affordable clothing.


Our Dorsu Crew shares our passion for design and quality, and don’t want their clothing (especially basics) to be disposable and harmful. Our people seek garments that can be worn with everything, for any occasion and that will stand the test of time. 

One of the most exciting parts of working in this industry is moving amongst a tribe of people questioning norms and taking kinder and more sustainable approaches to business, and life.

We’re inspired by the people we collaborate with and the impact they are making through their intentions and actions. As this collection unfolds, we’re excited to share stories from everyday advocates and industry game-changers to inspire you too.


For the design nuts (or for anyone with a keen interest in our company’s processes) the secret of our design process is teamwork.

We value our leadership team’s unique strengths and viewed this from different angles -- design concept, design construction, our product values and personal tastes. We check our combined perspectives against our Dorsu Crew’s feedback -- in store, and online -- then finalise our decisions. This range was genuinely designed for you.


It’s a privilege to have rad models showcase our Purpose Collection. Professional, positive and genuinely reflecting our brand values through their everyday lives, we were lucky to add to the already wonderful collection of faces that represent our brand.

We shot this collection in a beautiful home filled with creative energy.  Knowing that our customers’ Instagram feeds are potentially flooded with brands presenting unattainable lifestyles, we sought authenticity. It was important to us to shoot in a location that represents people who are choosing to slow down, create spaces that provoke intentional and creative thought, and observe the impact that their lifestyles and clothing have on people and the planet.




The definitions of Purpose listed above couldn’t be more appropriate for where Dorsu is currently at. The intention threaded through this release is about taking a step forward as a company and working with you to extend your wardrobe out from our core basics. Running this company, in this industry, requires resolve and determination, as does shifting a lifestyle over to more thoughtful choices and remembering our role in lessening the negative impact on people and on our planet.

We’d love to hear your what you think.

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