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Mothers Everywhere - With Dorsu & Nisa

April 29, 2019


Photography by Nisa. Words by Hanna Guy.

Collaboration is a big part of what we do at Dorsu, working together to design products, create campaigns and build community means we can join tribes, share strengths and skills, and have fun! Nisa and Dorsu share many similarities; our in-house manufacturing, our production house and sales studio combination and our mission to provide supportive and safe employment to communities who most often do not have that opportunity, many of whom are mothers. 

Our Mother’s Day campaign celebrates mothers everywhere in admiration of the strength, creativity, tenacity and kindness of all of our Mums. The artwork printed on our collaboration tee depicts a mother and her child, heads bowed together in a special moment, reflecting the crucial and loving bond between the two. While we understand and are curious about the differences in our cultures, home countries and languages, we’re also humbled by the similarities shared globally by women trying to be strong Mothers, achievers at work and also finding time for themselves. 



Yanti and Mary,  photographed by Nisa

Our Co-Founder, Kunthear, shares her thoughts on being a working mum:

"When I come to work I’m not worried about them (my children). I focus on what I want to build at work and do my best to earn an income for our family. I think it’s important that they see me and learn that we have to work hard for what we want to achieve.

I try hard to create a supportive and safe environment for them and worry a lot about finding them high quality education opportunities. In my dreams I want to see them be good people in the future. I want them to have a vision about how to ensure that whatever they do for work or if they create a business, that they do not hurt people. I hope they are proud that I am trying to grow our community.

If I’m ever thinking about if I’m doing the right thing I make time for them and try to help them understand. I want to grow a strong, happy family and also want to improve myself and grow our business."

Elisha Watson, Nisa founder, shares what this collaboration means to her business and team: 

"Many of Nisa and Dorsu’s production team are mothers themselves.  In fact Nisa’s working day is built around their employees’ childcare arrangements, finishing at 3pm to allow staff to go home and collect children from school. When we are interviewing for new positions, it’s such a relief for people to know that they don’t have to choose between looking after their kids and having a career themselves.”

This collaboration honours and celebrates women and mothers all over the world, made by mums, for mums. 


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