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The final chapter of our values based collections.

October 08, 2019

The final chapter of our values based collections.

Photography by Pip Cree, words by Hanna Guy


TRAVEL- the final release of our 2019 series, inspired by our Dorsu values of Travel, Work & Home. The collection reflects our appreciation for experiences over possessions and desire to travel slowly, with as little impact and fuss as possible. 

Own less, Travel more

Experiencing community and culture has overtaken our desire to accumulate stuff. The number of people throwing conventional markers of “success” out the window is growing and we’re feeling this on the ground. Customers visit our workshop excitedly wanting to see their clothes being made and take the extra time to talk to us about their travel values; buying high quality items and being as socially and environmentally conscious as possible.

Travelling with less is a great start, transitioning over to buying long-lasting clothes made under conditions that you believe in is even better. Preparation is key and we know that it can be overwhelming to consider what you need to pack. We’re hoping to help, beginning with staple items that form a solid base for you to pair with your existing wardrobe.


Design Notes From The Floor

The primary goal of this collection was to curate what we considered the best-packed suitcase.

Capsule wardrobes are important to us and capsule travel collections originate in the same concept; a well-curated range of garments that pair together to make multiple outfit options. 

For Travel, we prioritised the need to wash and pack easily and suit many activities.

We began with the t-shirt dress, a tried and tested travel staple and designed the length to ensure that people could travel respectfully through many locations, and style with skinny jeans if cooler or heels and accessories if they desired. Our Signature T-Shirt was added to bring colour and produced in soft tones to maximise pairing with other items.

Lastly, after discovering a soft, stretchy, cool-wearing fabric we decided to release the striped garments, best-selling designs from our Core Collection. We’ve watched customers fall in love with the cuts immediately when trying on and have always known that a stripe would work well, so when we found such a beautiful fabric we jumped on it.

We’re styling this drop with other garments from our Core and previous collections, consistently threading a transeasonal approach across the final chapter of our 2019 values-based collections. 


We greatly appreciate your involvement in our work, so would love to hear what you think. Please reach out to us at hello@dorsu.org with any feedback, queries or questions.


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