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Home | a reflection of our values

February 28, 2019

travel work home ethical clothing
Photography by Rita McNeill, words by Ellen Tirant.


HOME | the first release of our 2019 series, inspired by our Dorsu values of Travel, Work & Home. The collection reflects our considered approach to design, influenced by our motivation to live a slow, mindful and impactful lifestyle.

2019 is here and it's clearly becoming the year to throw conventional standards to the wind and return to our values, threading them through our everyday actions; how and where we spend our time and what we buy.  



The current social and political climate shows that we’re willing and ready to reflect on our behaviours and our consumption. With an ever-increasing understanding of both the positive and confronting influences of social media and marketing, and our awareness of the impact of fast fashion on garment workers and our planet, many of our community are with us when we say, we’re re-thinking our role in our communities. 

Now has become the time to speak up, to live in tiny houses (pipe dream!) and to prioritise travel and experience over stuff. Buying long-lasting, conscious clothing made under conditions that we are ok with connects our values with our purchases,  a positive trend that is only growing stronger. We’re all doing a lot of thinking, and is there a better way to do that than curled up, cosy at home.    



We looked inward for the motivation and message of this collection, honouring our purpose to create clothing for travel, work and home, and decided to put our company values front and centre.

Many of our customers have been asking us to bring something “cosy” into our ranges and while half of our Dorsu crew are here in tropical Cambodia, we know that many travel and spend time in cooler climates, they need cosy too. 

Launching with a classic cardigan and soft, stretch ribbed knit dress this small-batch run features timeless shapes in rich, deep colours to be styled across seasons. These garments sit perfectly alongside our year-round core collection and previous limited edition items. As we move through the year together, they will pair perfectly with your existing Dorsu favourites and our upcoming releases.

We greatly appreciate your involvement in our approach and would love to hear what you think. Please reach out to us at  hello@dorsu.org with any feedback, queries or questions.



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