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Wear Your Values

November 10, 2016

Wear Your Values
Photography by Rita McNiell, words by Ellen Tirant.


A wise person once said to us “wear your values”. So we are. At Dorsu, we celebrate people, the world and beautiful things. We love clothes, but we also love the people who make them and care about how every garment impacts the world around it. We are committed to making ethical production the norm and we encourage all of you to join us.

In everything we do, we keep our values front and centre. From the very beginning of time, Dorsu has been all about creating a good quality product and doing business the right way. We like to say that we are people making clothing for people. And that we are real.

Cambodia is one of the biggest producing countries in the global garment industry and garment manufacturing is the second most environmentally destructive industry in the world. We operate in both of these worlds, and we know first-hand the impact garment production has on people and an entire country.

Every brand, small business and customer has a role to play in ensuring that this changes.  

We fundamentally believe in the basic concept of respect. Respect for people and respect for our natural environment. Why would we, as producers of clothing, want to overload our production capacity, force workers into overtime, restrict their rights, affect their families and create an overall cycle of unethical and unfair operations? Why would we want our workers to come to work unhappy, scared and feeling insecure? Why would we want to actively push families into a cycle of poverty, all to keep costs down and provide ever-cheaper clothing to an over-consuming global consumer group?  

At Dorsu, we are committed to wearing our values through the design and production of good quality clothing that is produced in-house at our own workshop in fair and safe conditions.

‘Buy better, travel often, be you’ are daily Dorsu values. We want to encourage people to educate themselves and those around them about what they are buying, where it comes from and how it was made. We want to encourage people to travel, to explore the world, to expand their knowledge and appreciation for people and other places. We want to encourage people to be themselves, to celebrate the diversities of life and care and respect for one another.

We get up every morning, and wear our values to work through our actions and quite literally our clothes. We want to make this a ‘thing’, and would love for you to join us.

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