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WOMEN Collection - The impact of your purchase

February 15, 2019

WOMEN Collection - The impact of your purchase

Photography by Tiffany Tsang, words by Ellen Tirant.


When you purchase a piece from our Actual Feminist T-Shirts Collection, you are directly supporting women lead businesses and organisations in Cambodia.


Our purpose

WOMEN was the original collection created between Dorsu and our good friends at SHE Investments. As two socially-minded businesses in Cambodia headed by a team of women, we often sit down and chat about issues facing women both in Cambodia and globally. A few years ago we began discussing feminist tees and how they are often rather hypocritical and don’t honour the women within their supply chain.

Given that we are a clothing company and SHE are focused on women's business development, it made sense for us to combine our powers and make a feminist tee, done right.

We created a product that was inspiring, empowering and uplifting - for both the wearer and the producer. Why should the woman wearing the tee be the only person to benefit from its message?

We wanted to invest profit back into women, particularly in the Cambodian context where women are faced with an abundance of barriers to owning and running a successful and scalable business (read more about Cambodian women in business here).




Supporting Cambodian women in business.

The profits are split equally between Dorsu and SHE Investments, investing in leadership and finance training, and scholarships for business development programs.

Cambodia is developing at a rapid pace, however, there is vast disparity between the country’s economic growth and the opportunities available for female workers. Safety, health and wellbeing, access to fair employment and the ability to support families is not improving at the same rate across many sectors, not just the garment industries where gender inequality is rife.

Investing in women’s business skills and acumen builds resilience, opens up opportunities for career-advancement where possible, and introduces micro-enterprise and owner-operated business as alternative pathways for women. In Cambodia and across the world, investing in women has repeatedly proven to result in immediate community and economic growth.


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