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Dorsu Process Introductions


Intentional Design

Contrary to the conventional design approach where brands are disconnected from the factories that produce their clothing, we design and produce at Dorsu allowing us to conceptualise, sample, test and adjust our garments in real-time before sending them out to the world.

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Dorsu Design Process
Fabric Supply Chain


Responsible Sourcing

We choose to use remnants from Cambodia’s ubiquitous garment industry. Factories often over-purchase textiles for their contracts, selling the unused or unwanted leftovers to local, independent buyers. Our buying trips have two goals: find the perfect material for our year-round Core Collection, and seek inspiration for our Limited Edition Collections.

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Ethical Production

Inside Dorsu's walls are the sounds of buzzing machinery and friendly chatter on the production floor. Once we've designed, sourced, and sampled our clothing, we deliver our patterns just a few metres away to the cutting table and production floor. Our team receive substantial training in the use and maintenance of our industrial machinery.

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Dorsu Production Process