Singlet Dress | Black

Size Guide
Our best-selling Singlet Dress is back! With a subtle side slit, V-Neck front and lowered back, this effortless style will add elegance to your casual wardrobe. Made from a soft and stretchy cotton jersey to create a fit that hangs off the body, it's easy to wear from day to night. 
  • Relaxed fit: hangs slightly off the body
  • Model measurements: 43cm (B), 69cm (W), 81cm (H)
  • Model height: 175cm
  • Wearing size: XS
  • Fabric: blended lightweight cotton jersey
Care Instructions
  • Machine wash cold or hand wash
  • Hang inside out to dry to reduce fading
  • Cool iron on reverse if required
  • Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals

Customer Reviews

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I'm roughly a size fourteen or sixteen (sometimes even a twelve), about 5'8, with a body type best described as a-brownie-you've-held-in-your-fist-and-slighty-squished. It can be hard to find things that fit Just Right. Something that fits my top half might be nnooowhere near fitting my bottom half, or vice versa, or the top and bottom'll be fine but the waist area will just look Wrong.......
Not so with this dress. To my dear fellow beautifully brownie-bodied humans, this is a Good Dress. Comfy, flattering, versatile (great for Just Chilling, Dancing, or Dressing Up and Feeling Fly). The fabric is so soft, but not in an overly delicate way where it feels like it could rip any second; more in a I-could-run-barefoot-through-a-magical-forest way. Spaghetti-strap type situations are usually an area of caution, as I'll often have to be hitching said straps back up onto my shoulders every twenty seconds, but I am pleased to report this is not the case with this dress: the body of the dress is breezily loose for flying away on the wind from the troubles of this world, but the straps are secure; not at all in a too-tight way, but in a never-worry-about-nipslips-again way. The hem isn't too long (for my height that is), but long enough that I feel like a demigod.
My one critique is less for my sake and more for others who have wider measurements than mine: I bought the X-large, thinking that just the Large would probably fit me fine but figuring better be safe than sorry, better a too-big fit that I could make tighter than a too-small fit that I could do nothing with. And I was right to size up; as I said the X-large fits me perfectly. But in terms of the body size spectrum I am hyper aware that I am very much in the median range; neither am I particularly slight nor am I particularly wide. Just smack-on average, middle-ground, brownie-bodied median (picture a roll of playdoh you've unevenly taken a rollingpin to: sort of a lumpy sexy rectangle). Very much wouldn't consider myself 'Extra Large', unless comparing myself to a row of Bratz dolls. So basically, Dorsu, c'mon man, not everyone's a Bratz doll. The sizing bus shouldn't stop at my body type/size; folks with the thicker strokes should get to experience the glory of this wonderful dress too.

Holly Williamson
Comfortable stylish black singlet dress

This dress is so comfortable, great for relaxing in. also great with a belt for up-styled look.