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5 Questions with Hannah & Sreiyen

January 04, 2024

5 Questions with Hannah & Sreiyen

We recently sat down with our two newest teammates to ask them 5 questions that will help us understand them better as people. Apart from being committed to sustainable and ethical practices in garment manufacturing, we learned so much more about their favorite Dorsu styles and colours!

Name: Nhouk, Sreyien (Industrial Engineer) 

What is your favourite weekend activity?
Coffee date with myself, relaxing, or helping my Mum in Phnom Penh.

Favourite Dorsu style?
Slouch Tee, Wide-Leg Linen Pants and Jumpsuit

What does sustainability mean to you?
Reuse what we can and when we can’t, use things that are kind to our environment. Recycle and restyle to use things to the end of their life!

Favourite snack?

Favorite Color?
Cream and Black

Name: Clifford, Hannah (Operations Manager)

What is your favorite weekend activity?
Day trip to Rabbit Island

Favorite Dorsu piece?
Wide Leg Linen Pants, Staple Tank and Oversized T-shirt

What does sustainability mean to you?
Considering longevity in our decision-making; our health, our style, our footprint on the planet!

Favorite snack?
Salt and Vinegar chips, or jackfruit

Favorite color?
Black and Orange

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